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Introducing a new user
interface for eProcurement!

experience convenient and intuitive shopping

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Meredith Automates
Contract Management with ESM

Allowing the corporation to automate its entire
contract lifecycle and manage documents in the cloud.

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Contract Management
Spend Management,
Strategic Sourcing

Your 21st century procurement solution.
Automate with ESM.
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No more paper cuts

Get rid of overflowing file cabinets and stuffed manilla folders.
ESM’s intuitive cloud-based suite of solutions covers the entire procure-to-pay cycle so you can focus on saving time and money.


  • Increase supplier competition
  • Reduce administration overhead
  • Electronic bidding


  • One shopping marketplace
  • Distributed shopping
  • Centralized approval
  • Maximum visibility


  • PO matching
  • Self-service supplier portal
  • Eliminate paper invoicing
  • Streamline ERP integration

Contract Management

  • Automate contract lifecycle
  • Reduce off-contract spending
  • Real-time notifications and alerts

Ease of Use

“We’d go click, click, click and there it was for you.” Bill Lyle, Delaware Valley College

Ease of Implementation

“I asked for 60 days and I didn’t know that was a small window. They met that deadline, we are live.” Kathleen Prunty, California State Polytechnic Institute

Customer Focused

“I really am impressed with how friendly and responsive the ESM staff is.” Blake Reagan, The University of Tennessee

The Carter Center to implement ESM Purchase, ESM Sourcing

Here at ESM, we’re thrilled to be expanding our presence in the public sector space with a new and noble customer that does incredible work around the world - The Carter Center. The Carter Center Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter founded...

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ESM debuts new user interface for eProcurement solution

ESM Purchase’s interface makes for a convenient and intuitive shopping experience, familiar to anybody who has navigated an e-commerce site. The online ordering application automates procurement activities and gives organizations more control and visibility of their spend.

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