ESM Solutions works with organizations of all sizes and complexities to provide the most effective spend management solution. We offer multiple intuitive, tailorable and affordable cloud-based applications to streamline your entire procure-to-pay process.

The ESM Solution Advantage

  • Gives you complete control of your spend management processes in the cloud
  • Meets the needs of your organization with customer-tailored solutions
  • Reduces administrative time and costs to complete the procure-to-pay cycle
  • Offers flexible, agile configurations that follow your business processes
  • Streamlines all of your spend management and procurement business practices
  • Automates your bidding, purchasing, invoicing and contracting processes
  • Helps you visualize procurement spend in order to spend more strategically
  • Provides a self-guided, dynamic and intuitive interface for unlimited users to drive end-user adoption
  • Eliminates paper handling and costs associated with manual procurement
  • Improves organizational compliance and eliminates risk
  • Manages your suppliers, bids, contracts and catalogs in one place
  • Saves you money and resources with contracted catalogs and pricing
  • Drives operational efficiencies and savings to your organization
  • Gets you up and running rapidly to ensure a quick ROI
  • Gives you complete visibility into your spend, supplier and user data in real-time
  • Monitors and analyzes organizational spend, contract, and budgetary performance indicators
  • Strengthens supplier relations and leads to more effective contract negotiations
  • Offers affordable pricing models to meet organizational needs
  • Integrates with your ERP system to facilitate a seamless spend management solution

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