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I know supporting students is critical to everybody in education management, but you need to be in business to support them.

Anthony Rotolli


Another college announces closure and it’s personal

~ Anthony Rotolli, Co-CEO ESM

Just a couple of weeks ago at the National Association of Educational Procurement’s annual meeting, I was sitting around a table with some colleagues, talking about the state of higher education today.

So many institutions, particularly smaller ones, have closed or merged in recent years.  How many more, we wondered, will go out of business before leaders make the changes required to ensure survival?

I don’t know the answer to that question. But I do know about the latest college on the brink. And, this one hit hard. It’s my own alma mater. Last week, Dowling College on Long Island announced it would close its doors after 48 years.

While there are some last-minute efforts to keep the school open, the news was hard to swallow. There are so many memories from my time at Dowling - studying along the shores of the Connetquot River and good times at the Lion’s Den, the on-campus bar. The focal point is Fortunoff Hall, a sprawling greystone and red brick mansion built by W.K. Vanderbilt in 1901, where I took classes. If Dowling closes, my college legacy will no longer exist.

But, even more than the personal loss, it pains me to even think about the fact that I have spent more than a decade helping educational institutions like Dowling avoid exactly this.

At ESM, we’ve helped colleges and universities of all shapes and sizes save money and maintain costs with software to automate spend practices. They’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars - and sometimes more - by getting rid of antiquated and manual processes.

I know supporting students is critical to everybody in education management, but you need to be in business to support them. We can help. We are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We have built a business that prides itself on maintaining costs, delivering great software and putting our customers first. We have built affordable solutions. We can and will help you do it at the cost of a large cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich per day.

This was not meant to be a sales pitch, but I know we can help. I know we can automate institutional spend and contracts and, in turn, we will save you and your institution money. We  have done it many times before.

Don’t be the next headline. Don’t allow the next legacy to disappear in front of your eyes.