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Live Webinar with Iowa State University and CDW-G

What: Live Webinar When: April 20, 2017 at 2pm Eastern Where: GoToWebinar (register below) Is Amazon just a new and tempting gateway to more maverick spend? Or is it a convenient place to get better prices?  Should you embrace it or try to keep it out of your campus?  And what about the other e-commerce sites like Best Buy, Jet, and others? There may be no single right answer, and we know many organizations are trying to figure out their best past forward. Register Here! In this first installment of a two-part series, we’ll hear from Cory Harms Director of Procurement Services at Iowa State University, where they’ve prioritized working with strategic vendors over broadening access to various e-commerce sites. Cory will be joined by Chris Webb, Senior Manager, Higher Education Business Development at CDW-G, and Anthony Rotoli, CEO of ESM for a spirited and informative discussion on this important subject. Register today to hear what other people are doing, why they are doing it, and the results they are...

Have you Hugged your eProcurement Vendor Today?

Observations from my first October conference season — by Mike Perno Companies are always talking about the importance of the customer. They show off customer satisfaction surveys; tout net promoter scores; and even monitor social media to turn up stories of happy clients. But I suggest that the real proof of customer satisfaction is in the hugs - real hugs that we, as a software vendor, actually get from many of our customers. Putting the customer first is a core tenant in the “ESM Way.” And, as somebody who has worked on both the implementation and the sales side for ESM, I’ve had the opportunity to build friendly relationships with many of our customers and partners.   But, as I wrap up my first trade show season with ESM, what struck me the most was how truly happy our customers are. So happy, in fact, that as we bumped into each other in the halls or on the vendor floor, customers, even some I’d only talked to by phone, would give me a hug. Sure, we would chat about ESM’s spend management solutions. I always ask how things are going and make sure we’re on top of everything. But, then the focus would always shift to the person – family, life, kids.  Many are eager to know about my baby daughter. (I’m sleeping a little bit!). Why so many hugs? The higher education market is packed with patient and friendly people. And, at ESM, we strive to ensure our solutions meet our customers’ needs and solve their problems - from streamlining the procurement process to fully automating sourcing.  ...

Live Webinar: Excuses, Alibis and Reasons Why

With considerable cost savings and productivity improvements, you’d think that e-Procurement ROI would be obvious, and the green light to implement would be a slam-dunk. Yet, hesitation persists…

Spend Analytics vs. Visibility

Procurement directors and finance officers always ask for spend analytics. They (think) they want the history of their organization’s spend – detailed reports that show, over the course of a quarter or a year, where the money is going so they can plan, budget and make strategic decisions.

Your Supplier is Now Your Customer

Supplier relationships have permanently changed. Customer expectations dictate a closer working relationship with our suppliers. Companies that recognize this change and plan accordingly will be in a stronger position to meet customer expectations in the future.