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NC State University Signs with ESM Contract Management

With ESM Contract Management, NC State University is getting rid of overflowing filing cabinets, stuffed with paper contracts, and replacing them with a centralized online contract repository that makes it easy to search and find contracts.

Community College of Philadelphia picks ESM Contract Management

ESM Contract Management will help the college manage its entire contract management lifecycle. With the solution, users can create, monitor and store all new contracts from creation to amendment and renewal and store and manage deadlines and milestones for existing contracts.

Meet ESM at NAEP in Orlando

The National Association of Education Procurement will kick off its 97th Annual Meeting on April 8, and ESM will be there to showcase our solutions, which are saving schools and institutions around the world millions of dollars. Join us for the Fun Run, hear from our customers in the Impact Sessions, and come and see us in our booth!

ESM ends 2017 with record growth, revenue and profits

ESM announced record-breaking revenue and growth for 2017, bolstered by high customer deployment and renewal rates; strengthened partner relationships; new products and infrastructure; and a major expansion into international markets.

Small Schools Save Big with ESM

At ESM, we do everything we can to ensure a quick deployment and rapid returns for our customers, regardless of their size. What’s more, we’re always there for you. We pick up the phone. Nobody is too small for ESM.

ESM gives back with arCANtecture project

5 teams, 600 cans and boxes of food – never underestimate the power of teamwork! Whether it’s working together toward a shared business goal or using nonperishable foods to build an arena, complete with a Jumbotron. These were then donated to Central Bucks County Food Bank of Pennsylvania.

Overcome the most common objections to eProcurement

With an extensive lineup of potential cost savings and productivity improvements, you’d think that ROI would be obvious and the green light to implement would be a slam-dunk. Yet, hesitation persists and there are some common objections – myths, really — that need to be addressed.