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Joliet Junior College transforms POs with ESM

Joliet Junior College has cut those PO costs by more than 75 percent and stripped away the nearly seven days it took to process each one. For JJC, which serves about 30,000 students annually, the answer was ESM’s spend management solutions.

Out and About in October!

It’s that time of the year again! The ESM team is crisscrossing the country to procurement conferences and meetings to catch up existing customers, and meet with new prospective ones.

Delaware Valley University Saves Big with ESM Purchase

Delaware Valley has cut the processing time for orders by at least 90 percent with ESM Purchase. Buyers are filling their online shopping carts with less expensive products because they are shopping for items from those negotiated contracts.

University of Maryland signs with ESM

UMD will deploy ESM’s full suite of spend management solutions. With ESM’s tools, UMD will get more out of every dollar they spend on behalf of taxpayers, grantors and students with full visibility and accountability.

Gonzaga sees big savings with eProcurement

It took less than two months to deploy the solution. Immediately, the benefits started rolling in. “The very first transaction starts a snowball of savings for my department, the school and the user.”

Cal State System to Deploy ESM’s Spend Management Solutions Across All Campuses

ESM is pleased to announce that the entire California State University system will deploy ESM’s eProcurement solution. Cal State is the fourth largest public university system in the country with 480,000 students, 47,000 faculty and staff members and an annual budget of more than $5 billion. In recent years, some of Cal State’s 23 campuses, along with its Chancellor’s Office, have implemented ESM Purchase, which features an intuitive online shopping portal that sends users directly to an organization’s negotiated contracts and approved vendors. Related Resources Institutions are Flocking to ESM Why Choose ESM Since deploying ESM, Cal State has reaped big rewards. The online marketplace was rolled out to 10 campuses in just four months. Twelve catalogues went online in 90 days - 24 total in 150 days. And, within seven months, 1,300 Cal State staffers were actively using it. Users started saving money from their very first transactions in the marketplace, allowing them to stretch their budget dollars almost immediately. Now, a new contract extension includes those original locations, along with Cal State’s remaining campuses. All Cal State locations will be able to shop from a central shopping portal, allowing procurement leaders to aggregate spend across campuses, take advantage of more rebates and negotiate more favorable contracts. Though all locations can now shop from the same online marketplace, ESM’s flexible solution also can meet the needs of each of Cal State’s campuses. “We know a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for everybody, even campuses that are part of the same university system. They all have different workflows and needs,” ESM CEO Anthony Rotoli said. “That’s why we’ve built solutions to configure to...