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ESM ends 2017 with record growth, revenue and profits

ESM announced record-breaking revenue and growth for 2017, bolstered by high customer deployment and renewal rates; strengthened partner relationships; new products and infrastructure; and a major expansion into international markets.

Small Schools Save Big with ESM

At ESM, we do everything we can to ensure a quick deployment and rapid returns for our customers, regardless of their size. What’s more, we’re always there for you. We pick up the phone. Nobody is too small for ESM.

ESM gives back with arCANtecture project

We wanted to find a way to give back, and this provided a fun twist on the usual food drive Anthony Rotoli CEO , ESM ESM gives back with arCANtecture project 5 teams, 600 cans and boxes of food Never underestimate the power of teamwork - whether it’s working together toward a shared business goal or using nonperishable foods to build an arena. On Tuesday morning, during ESM’s all-hands annual meeting, five teams from ESM built five different structures - from an arena, complete with a Jumbotron, to a shopping cart - with a total of 600 cans and boxes of nonperishable food. The project, inspired by ArCANtecture, combined creativity and camaraderie and offered a fun way for the ESM team to support those in need. After the event, all of the food will be donated to the Central Bucks County Food Bank of Pennsylvania. “We wanted to find a way to give back, and this provided a fun twist on the usual food drive,” ESM CEO Anthony Rotoli said. ESM customers inspired some of the teams’ creations, which also included a large “A” for the University of Alabama. Another celebrated ESM’s recent announcement that the Higher Colleges of Technology, one of the largest higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates, is deploying its full suite of procurement, sourcing and contract management tools. “Our team has done exceptionally in the last year,” Rotoli said. “This was a wonderful way to cap off a great year and get excited about...

Overcome the most common objections to eProcurement

With an extensive lineup of potential cost savings and productivity improvements, you’d think that ROI would be obvious and the green light to implement would be a slam-dunk. Yet, hesitation persists and there are some common objections – myths, really — that need to be addressed.

Iowa State University enjoys big results after move to ESM

After a shift to ESM from another spend management provider, Iowa State University is reaping the rewards, more than doubling the number of users and seeing major growth in vendors and on-contract purchases, according to a case study released today.

ESM Partners with Paymerang

Through the partnership, the two companies will combine offerings to help clients streamline the procurement to payment cycle.

Joliet Junior College transforms POs with ESM

Joliet Junior College has cut those PO costs by more than 75 percent and stripped away the nearly seven days it took to process each one. For JJC, which serves about 30,000 students annually, the answer was ESM’s spend management solutions.