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Integrates with your existing workflows for quick implementation

and provides a flexible foundation on which to evolve your contract management best practices.  


Contract Repository

Start with a simple contract repository – get important information about contracts out of filing cabinets and spreadsheets and into a our solution to prevent unwanted expirations and unexpected renewals. Keep digital copies of your documents online, where they can be searched and accessed securely by your team members.

Contract Workflows

Our solution can grow with you, so you can add things like workflows – both parallel and sequential – and a user portal, making the solution available to a broader user base within your organization.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Evolve to complete contract lifecycle management with content creation, collaborative authoring, automated approval processes, and eSignature support (such as Docusign).  All drafts and existing contracts are monitored and stored from creation, amendment, and renewal, to archive; resulting in a reduction of errors and increased productivity.

ESM’s Contract Management solution is a flexible solution that is well suited for organizations of all sizes and levels of contract management sophistication.  It molds to your existing workflows for quick implementation, and provides the foundation on which to evolve your contract management best practices.  

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u of richmond

University of Richmond automates contract management with ESM

"We felt like we were not a little fish in a big sea. Being a small school, sometimes with the larger companies, we’re not as important"


University of Richmond
meredith corporation

ESM automates Contract Management for Major Media Company

Meredith chose ESM Contract Management for its flexibility - it molds to the way the corporation already does business and doesn’t require it to reconstruct existing processes.


The University of Alabama

With reusable templates, reminder notifications and search capabilities, "We now have the lead time to be proactive in bidding and renegotiation - It is a great management tool."

University of Alabama takes proactive contract management to new level


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