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Ellucian and ESM Announce Strategic Partnership

The Ellucian Spend Management Suite will now contain solutions powered by ESM, a leader in procure-to-pay tools for higher education.

On February 12, 2019, we announced a strategic partnership with Ellucian.  ESM’s procurement automation solution, ESM Purchase, is now also available as part of the Ellucian Spend Management Suite.

The Ellucian Spend Management Suite will now contain solutions powered by ESM, a leader in procure-to-pay tools for higher education. ESM joins Chrome River, a top provider of expense and invoice management tools, to enhance the popular Ellucian suite. The deeper partnership will offer institutions of all sizes an accessible and full spend management solution.

What does this mean for Ellucian’s customers?

It means they can now easily access industry-leading procure-to-pay solutions through their Ellucian account manager.

With the new collaboration, organizations who rely on Banner by Ellucian or Colleague by Ellucian now can easily add ESM-created solutions to their ERP systems through their Ellucian representatives.

With ESM’s platform, those solutions include:

Intuitive online shopping portal

An intuitive online shopping portal that features only an organization’s approved vendors and negotiated contracts, cutting down on rogue spending, and boosting visibility.

More on-contract buying

Guided buying drives spend where you want it with your strategic suppliers. Employees buy more from approved suppliers because it is easy – just like the consumer shopping experience they’ve come to expect online.  Drive more spend through the system and increase spend with contracted suppliers.

Integration for visibility and efficiency

Integration with your Ellucian ERP ensures compliance, minimizes risk and improves overall efficiency of the purchasing process.  Insights from reporting and dashboards help you improve negotiating power, consolidate suppliers and identify new opportunities to drive savings.

Purchase and receipt management 

Ellucian Purchase manages all of your purchase types through PO and P-Card transactions. Receipt management enables tracking of all of your transactions for any supplier or project, and in turn, automates the matching process for accounts payable.

ESM + Ellucian Case Studies

ESM is the very first spend management provider to integrate its solution with Ellucian’s Ethos communication platform and was recently awarded Ellucian’s 2018 Engagement Award.

It’s seamless and essentially real-time in the way it communicates with ESM Purchase. Our finance and administrators love the transparency.

~ Kevin Stevens
Executive Director for Procurement Services
University of Alabama

It is helpful knowing there is a single version of the truth in our ERP, and the data is available to other departments & budget holders that need it.

~ Roxanne Venegas
Purchasing Manager
Joliet Junior College

What does this mean for ESM’s customers?

When an industry leader like Ellucian chooses your procurement automation solution provider as their strategic partner, ESM’s customers have yet another proof point that they’ve made the right choice.

In fact, there are dozens of institutions already benefiting from the combination of ESM and Ellucian solutions:


Live Webinar

Register to learn from each of Ellucian, ESM, and ChromeRiver about the new partnership, and the wealth of benefits for customers.

Case Studies

Learn how institutions like the University of Alabama, Joliet Junior College, Ivy Tech and others are doing more with ESM & Ellucian.

Why ESM eBook

Beyond Features, Functions, and Solution Benefits. Learn about the customer experience when you work with ESM.

“With this expanded partnership, we look forward to new opportunities to help higher education institutions meet their spend management goals and support their students and faculty. This new collaboration only reinforces our commitment to higher education.”

Anthony Rotoli


More about the Partnership

Today’s announcement builds on ESM’s long-standing partnerships with Ellucian. For years, ESM’s money and time-saving solutions have easily integrated with Ellucian’s ERPs. Joint customers such as University of Alabama, Ivy Tech Community College, Western University of Health Sciences, as well as the University of Sharjah in the U.A.E. take advantage of the cost-saving benefits.

In 2018, ESM also worked closely with Ellucian to develop and become the first P2P provider and among the first tech companies worldwide to connect its own platform with Ellucian Ethos, which offers a single, open and extensible architecture to support modernization and innovation on college campuses. The Ethos framework uses real-time APIs to provide seamless and constant visibility, control and management of electronic purchases.

For its support in co-developing the Ethos API for Banner and Colleague for spend management solutions and its dedication to higher education, ESM won Ellucian’s 2018 Engagement Award.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have an Ellucian ERP and ESM already, do I need to do anything?

No, you don’t need to do anything to continue with your existing configuration and functionality.

How can I see these solutions working with each other?

Schedule a demo

Do I have to have Ethos to use ESM?

While Ethos is the technology direction of the future, you don’t need Ethos to use ESM today. ESM has worked hand-in-glove with Ellucian at institutions for many years, including long before Ethos. Customers include Ivy Tech Community College, Delaware Valley University, Portland State University, and many, many others.

Ethos is the integration platform of the future for Ellucian and ESM has been the leading procurement partner working with Ellucian on its development. 

What new features and functions might be available to me from this partnership?

If you are an Ellucian customer, you can more easily access the suite of ESM spend management solution module through your existing Ellucian representative. 

Where can I get more information about Ellucian Purchase from Ellucian?

Ellucian has more information on their website, including this solution sheet.

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