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Gain control and increase visibility into your organization’s spend.

ESM’s eProcurement solution is an intuitive online shopping solution that automates your procurement activities from beginning to end.


Rapid Returns

It used to be that eProcurement solutions measured time to ROI in years.  In today’s budgetary reality, such projects have almost no chance of getting off the ground.  By comparison, our customers typically see a positive return on the solution within just a few months.  Even a large state-wide implementation at California State University saw a positive ROI in less than 5 months.  The secret to rapid returns is a combination of rapid deployments and rapid user adoption.

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Rapid Deployments

The faster the solution is deployed, the faster you can start putting transactions through it and saving money. Because our enablement professionals act as an extension of your team, and have enabled a wide range of vendors in the past, they are able to get things up and running quickly.   At California State University the solution went live within 90 days, with 12 vendor catalogs enabled.   At Ivy Tech we converted 5,000 workflows so they could go live in under 6 months.

Rapid Adoption

Fitting hand-in-glove with rapid deployments, ESM customers benefit from rapid adoption across the user base. ESM is known for easy & rapid adoptions at places like at IvyTech and CalState, where they haven’t even had to hold formal training sessions, yet have amassed thousands of users in just a few months. Our user interface is going to further accelerate adoption rates for our customers.


The Consumer Shopping Experience your Users Expect

We’re bringing a real consumer shopping experience to eProcurement.  If your customers — the employees, staffers or faculty of your organization have shopped on any one of the hundreds of ecommerce sites on the internet, they will feel right at home in ESM Purchase.



Your Approved Vendors, Contracts, Products and Prices

Within the e-commerce shopping environment, your users have direct access to purchase against the contracts you work so diligently to put in place.

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Guide Spending to Where you Want it

You can highlight select vendors as preferred vendors, so they are automatically prioritized for shoppers. Behind the scenes, the criteria could be for prioritization as determined by you. Sustainable vendors, MWBE vendors, and local vendors are some examples. Alternatively, you could agree to prioritize a specific vendor, and negotiate more favorable terms with them in exchange.

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Turn Procurement into a Revenue Stream

Enable more suppliers, roll the solution out to more users to drive more spending through the system and increase the use of P-cards to maximize your rebates. We have customers generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebates for their organizations.



Complete Visibility

Every transaction through the system is tracked for future reporting. Visualize spend data through analytic dashboards and management reports. With this enhanced visibility organizations are able to improve negotiating power, consolidate vendors, and identify new opportunities to drive savings.

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Automated Workflows

ESM’s eProcurement solution automates business processes for flexible, seamless approval routing and fewer errors. It supports numerous approval-routing and payment options, as well as reporting and analytics capabilities.

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Easy to Manage

Budget cuts, staff reductions and increasing demands are challenges faced by almost all Procurement leaders. A new eProcurement solution is a non-starter if it requires a significant and new slice of someone’s time. The good news is that we’ve developed the administrative backend to be easy and intuitive as well. At Ivy Tech, they support 2,300 active users with only 1 administrator.



ERP or No ERP?

Should you integrate eProcurement with your ERP or not? That’s a call for you and your finance team. Either way, we can handle it. Some customers leave eProcurement as a stand-alone solution, relying heavily on P-cards to process transactions. Other customers require an integrated approach. We have tight integrations with a wide range of ERP systems, especially those in Education and Nonprofits: Banner, Colleague, Munis, Peoplesoft, KFS, Workday, MS Dynamics, eFinance Plus, Business Plus, Skyward, Infinite Visions as well as Oracle, SAP and many more.


Employees want to do the right thing. They want to spend money wisely. But in many places they have to tradeoff the time and effort to follow buying guidelines with the need to get their jobs done. The best way for organizations to reduce off-contract spending is to make it easy to do it the right way.  That’s what we’ve done with ESM Purchase

Ivy Tech Community College

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Complete solution delivered in less than 6 months

40% reduction in Office Spend

2,300 users with only 1 administrator


Ivy Tech Community College
cal state

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live in 90 days

1300 users in just 7 months

Positive ROI in less than 5 Months


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baltimore county schools

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Learn how BCPS reduced rogue spending and processing time with eProcurement

“For every dollar saved on the business side through effective and efficient business procedures, one dollar is returned back to the Baltimore County Public Schools classrooms to educate the kids”


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