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Indiana’s largest public-college system serves over 200,000 students annually. Its old eProcurement solution had become too expensive to maintain and too cumbersome to work with.

They needed a SWITCH. With ESM Solutions, they found a better user interface, better functionality, more flexible workflows, and more stable pricing.

Starting Out

There was hesitation in the organization about switching over to a new solution

Ivy Tech needed the ERP integration to be seamless

They had some specific use cases and workflows that needed to be addressed


The transition needed to be painless for end users


Where a module or feature didn’t exist, they created it for us. The personal touch and customer service we have received from ESM has been exemplary.

~ Andy Williams
E-Procurement System Administrator

rapid deployment complete solution delivered in less than 6 months
with a huge impact
14 preferred suppliers enabled
12,000 non catalogue suppliers integrated
5,000 workflows converted to streamline approval process

Ease of Use = Rapid Adoption

2,300 active users   I   1 Administrator

allows users to learn and use the system with minimal administration

2300 people, 1 Administrator

Electronic purchase orders enabled visibility and reporting
capabilities beyond the previous p-card system and also:

more overall and on contact spend moving through the system


of spend now moving through the solution

better spend visibility
creates opportunities for supplier consolidation
number of suppliers (before 52, after 1)

reduction in office spend


How we did it


Customized training

Customized training videos provided step by step instructions to users and administrators alike.

Online Marketplace

IvyMarket online marketplace using ESM Contract Management and Dynamic Matrix Workflow.

Real-time integration

Real-time integration with
Banner by Ellucian ERP system


We’re very pleased with the results of our purchasing conversion. ESM Solutions helped make the transition nearly seamless, and their support has not wavered after several years. We are confident that ESM will continue to provide a high level of service and attention as our organizational structure and processes evolve.

~ Andy Williams
E-Procurement System Administrator

Ivy Tech Today

flexible e-Procurement solution

Has flexible e-Procurement solution tailored to Ivy Tech’s needs

Improve functionality and reduce license fees

Enjoys improved functionality and reduced license fees

Ensure controls

Ensures compliance on the front end of a transaction with automated workflows

Speed up process

Can more easily add vendors as their requirements change without fear of burdensome budget impact