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SOLUTION SUITE - Intuitive. Tailorable. Affordable.

Take back control of your organization’s spend with an easily implemented,
integrated suite of spend management solutions


Uncover new savings opportunities with a manageable, efficient system for communicating and collaborating electronically with suppliers


Gain insight and visibility into your spend, supplier and user data with robust analysis


Manage spend, distribute purchasing, and improve compliance by implementing a faster, easier eProcurement solution

Contract Management

Streamline your entire contract lifecycle while simultaneously improving compliance and eliminating risk


Gain control of spending by automating your invoicing and payment process and improving interactions with your suppliers

Managed Services

Create customized reports and charts to enable strategic decision making from your eProcurement data

Our Solutions

As a leading spend management provider, ESM delivers a SaaS-based, comprehensive set of solutions consisting of services and applications for your sourcing, procurement, invoicing, analytics, and contract management processes. Within each of these solutions are custom-tailored modules that can be configured based on your business needs. Each of these solutions can integrate with an ERP or financial system of record, so that all organizational spend is synced in one place and easy to manage. The beauty of ESM’s spend management applications is the ability to use them individually or combined as a seamless, customized solution.


  • Complete Visibility - Visualize spend data as it occurs in real-time and gain an understanding of when, how, and where spend has occurred.
  • Paperless - Every step in the approval process is done in the system with no chance of misplaced requests.
  • Control of User Spend - An eProcurement system makes it simple for users to find all the contracted catalogs they need in one intuitive interface with advanced search capabilities.
  • Instant Approval and Fast Requisition to PO - Users submit their request in the electronic system and approvers can accept or deny with one click.
  • Simple Supplier Communications - Keep track of all contracted suppliers in one place and use the system to automatically request contract renewals.
  • Streamlined, Integrated System - With eProcurement, suppliers and contracts are managed in one place.

Baltimore County Public Schools Case Study

Over a decade, Baltimore County Public Schools moved from a non-strategic paper-based procurement system to an electronic sourcing and purchasing system that is driven by strategic planning with easySourcing and easyPurchase.

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Tompkins Financial Corporation Tompkins Financial gained complete visibility of its spend data and control of corporate variable spend with easySourcing and easyPurchase.

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Ivy Tech Community College After investigating all their options, the breadth and depth of ESM Solutions’ portfolio, a much lower annual subscription fee, an extremely easy and intuitive user interface, and the personal commitment of company executives, made ESM Solutions a logical decision for Ivy Tech.

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